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Map of Japan
Japan on Wikipedia
Japan on CIA World Factbook


National Website of Japan (English)
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overview
Japanese Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette


Government National Tourism Organization
Attractions by City
Hotels and Attractions in Tokyo (Capital)
Tokyo Wiki Travel
Hotels and Attractions in Kyoto
Kyoto Wiki Travel
Visa Information
US Department of State Warnings and Advisories

Local News Sources

Asahi Shumbun (English)
The Japan Times, Sankei Shimbun (English)
The Japan Times, Sankei Shimbun (Japanese)
The Japan News, Yomiuri Shimbun (English)
The Japan News, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese)
The Mainichi (English)
The Mainichi (Japanese)


Japanese Kanji
Japanese Language Overview
Online Translator


Government of Japan
House of Councillors, National Diet
House of Representatives, National Diet
Prefectures of Japan
Supreme Court
The Imperial Family and Household

Military and Law Enforcement

Ministry of Defense
Japanese Self Defense Forces
Ground Self Defense Forces
Air Self Defense Forces
Maritime Self Defense Forces
National Police Agency
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

History and Culture

Japanese History Timeline
Modern Japanese History
Japanese Culture

Scholarly Sources

Journals on Modern Japanese Culture
Japanese Academic Journals
Stanford Japanese Journals

Bilateral Relations of Japan and USA

Embassy of the United States, Tokyo, Japan
US Consulate General, Osaka, Japan
US Consulate General, Nagoya, Japan
Embassy of Japan, Washington DC, USA
Japanese Consulates in the US
History of US Relations with Japan
Current US Relations with Japan – State Department
Japanese Americans

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