NEW! LTC (Retired) W. Larry Dandridge has written a fast selling new book about the helicopter war in Vietnam’s Delta in 1968 and 1969. The book was written to raise funds to build a FISHER HOUSE in Charleston, SC; to commemorate 50 years since Vietnam; and to pay honor to the 42 members of Larry’s flight class who gave the last full measure in Vietnam.

According to the all five star reviews on Amazon and the ARMY AVIATION magazine, AVIATOR magazine, and other rave reviews, BLADES OF THUNDER (BOOK ONE) is a non-fiction, military history book about the US army helicopter war in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. The book is 426 pages long, with 13 action and information packed chapters, 46 combat pictures, and 11 informative appendices.

Readers, magazine reviews, and news paper reviews have described the book as edge-of-your seat, as if you were there, and educational. Some reviews say the book should be made into a movie or mini-series and many describe chapter 2 as the best short course ever written on “what is good leadership”.

Chapter 11 of BLADES OF THUNDER (BOOK ONE) is titled “A Day in the Life of a Crew Chief and Door Gunner” and is especially appreciated by enlisted crew members and pilots alike. Appendix D of the book is a robust and thought provoking list of detailed “Lessons Learned and Lesson Perhaps Not Learned” and Appendix J is a compilation of mini-biographies of characters in the book showing everyone of them had successful business or government careers, family lives, and spiritual lives after Vietnam.

The November 30, 2015 issue of ARMY AVIATION Magazine’s review of BLADES OF THUNDER (BOOK ONE) states, ” There have been a number of excellent books published on the Vietnam War but none come close to telling the inside story of life and death as an Army aviator flying and fighting a “Huey” in combat as told by Larry Dandridge in his book BLADES OF THUNDER (BOOK ONE).”

Of course the book is available unsigned and not personalized on Amazon, through Barnes and Noble online, Books A Million online, the CHPA online gift shop, Medals of America online catalog, and dozens of other sources. However, you can order a signed and personalized copy direct form the author by emailing him at or calling him at 843-276-7164.

All 2015 profits form the sale of BLADES OF THUNDER (BOOK ONE) went to FISHER HOUSE CHARLESTON and one dollar from the sale of each book sold in 2016 go to FISHER HOUSE CHARLESTON. Book sales and Larry’s speeches and book signings raised more than $55,000.00 for FISHER HOUSE CHARLESTON in 2015!


Thank you to Volunteers Anh-My Tran and Timothy Ruppert


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